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Travel Experiences

August 18, 2014 by Gardenroute

During our expedition Go Africa 2013 in November 2013 we also visited Zimbabwe. We were ahead very strongly warned by diplomats in South Africa and Zimbabwe, that we should better in this country to try to fly somewhere with multirotor plane, and even shoot from the air. It's not completely safe, and it could be considered espionage. For example, in this country is not fully legal use of walkie-talkie devices. On the border without problems, between South Africa and Zimbabwe (Beitbridge) customs or police officers not seen my multirotor.

I flew with my multirotor DJI Phantom (The Original) + GoPro camera so only in Gonarezhou National Park near the border with Mozambique, and in the surrounding Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge, I always negotiated in advance with the park ranger.