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UAV Laws

The key figure in the U.K. is 20 kg (or 44.09 pounds) – this is the weight limit a UAV cannot surpass to be considered a  “small unmanned aircraft.” This title makes the aircraft more likely to only require a minor “Permit to Fly” classification, which is relatively easy to acquire, but does limit where and how high you can fly (rural lands are more acceptable).

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Pilots only need to be certified for commercial or paid work. Cost is about £1800 to license.

Legal Source

What Flies When it Comes to Drone Laws Across the Globe

Travel Experiences

12/08/2014 by NEVdD

My view of the law is that it is a guideline for a community to live together and should not be strictly followed. With this point of view I intend to make aerials videos of the world. Not strictly following the law doesn't mean put other people at risk and of course one is always responsible for his actions. With this in mind, this is my experience of this country:

I was flying in a park close to the imperial palace in London, I wanted to have a view of the imperial palace above the trees of the park. Two cops on bicycles stopped next to me, they watched me some minutes and when I was sure they'd ask me to stop flying, they simply joked and told me to be careful to not crash my drone on a police chopper and left. They saw that I was careful an I knew what I was doing (my drone is not a ready to fly model) but their reaction was interesting. In general flying an UAV in England won't be a big problem, as usual be careful and don't fly over people etc. but officials will be fine with it if you respect some basic safety rules, if not they will ask you nicely to stop. I didn't experience any issues about privacy issues.