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UAV Laws

According to SAMAA’s rules:

• A UAV is an aircraft used for commercial or military purposes.

• Model aircraft flight is considered to be commercial if it is used for any purpose other than the sport of flying, or either learning or teaching the sport of flying.

• It is commercial if it is used for financial gain, i.e. aerial photography etc.

• The operation of UAV’s is excluded from the SAMAA brief, as they are not considered recreational model aircraft.

• UAV’s are subject to specific sections of the SACAA regulations.

Thus, the CAA defers to SMAA, and SAMAA defers to the CAA. (Taken from Riot Media)

Legal Source

Legal Source

Legal Source

IT’S OFFICIAL: You Can Fly Drones Anywhere In South Africa

Travel Experiences

12/08/2014 by NEVdD

My view of the law is that it is a guideline for a community to live togheter and should not be strictly followed. With this point of view I intend to make aerials videos of the world. Not strictly following the law doesn't mean put other people at risk and of course one is always responsible for his actions. With this in mind, this is my experience of this country:

Let's talk about a free country, South Africa is the best country I ever went to fly my drone, nobody cares, neither about safety nor privacy issues. When I went to visit Robben island the guards asked me if it was for commercial use or personal, I answered personal and I was allowed to fly. Be careful when you fly (do not fly above people, close to airports etc.) because you don't want to be the guy who changed such an amazing freedom by being responsible of an accident but besides that enjoy freedom!