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UAV Laws

It is prohibited to use any RPAS / UAS drone professional (commercial) to fly, unless you receive an exemption. An exemption may be requested from the Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILT or ILENT). The inspection uses thereby frameworks for safe, orderly and expeditious flow of air traffic and to protect the public safety in the use of airspace by a drone.

To the exemption rules and restrictions such as: ◦ Certificate of Registration of the UAS (BVI) ◦ Certificate of Airworthiness of the UAS (BoL) ◦ Insurance for UAS ◦ Proof of Competence of the pilot (BvB) ◦ Safety Management System for the organization / owner of the UAS (VMS) You must also take into account: ◦ TUG-exemption (Take exceptional use) for the area where the drone’s takeoff and landing. The requirements to be to get this waiver are in compliance information bulletin (dutch language). A UAS drone should be (driver + cameraman or supervisor) always flown in a two-piece band, the second person does not need to have the necessary experience and aeronautical knowledge.

The Environment and Transport Inspectorate (ILENT) supervises compliance with these laws and regulations relating to the unmanned aircraft and maintains it.

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