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UAV Laws

Multicopters need to be lighter then 25kg. If it is heavier it needs a special permit. The usual rules like no flights over people, street etc apply. Every “commercial” flight needs pre ordered aproval from the local aviation authority. There is no global authority for the whole country. Even within a single state ist possible to have different authorities. The flight request needs to include informations like a copy of a valid insurance, reason for flight, date, time and launch location etc. The local police should be informed prior the flight to avaoid problems. (Taken from Riot Media)

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Permit to Fly is granted by NAA, based on specific national rules, possibly on a case-to-case basis& for a limited duration

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Travel Experiences

[June 25, 2012 at 8:35am] During a trip from Chicago to Romania (with stop in Frankfurt) I had three Lipos in the luggage. One was retained by security in Frankfurt. I found a note saying European regulations permit only two Lipos in a the luggage. Lipos are considered dangerous objects on board of an aircraft. Good to know. [Taken from DIY Drones]