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UAV Laws

Permit to Fly is granted by NAA, based on specific national rules, possibly on a case-to-case basis & for a limited duration

Maximum Altitude: 400 m

Legal Source

Legal Source (No translation)

The end of drones in Belgium?

Travel Experiences

12/08/2014 by NEVdD

My view of the law is that it is a guideline for a community to live together and should not be strictly followed. With this point of view I intend to make aerials videos of the world. Not strictly following the law doesn't mean put other people at risk and of course one is always responsible for his actions. With this in mind, this is my experience of this country:

In practice, flying with small UAV in Belgium won't be a problem, the police is not really restrictive and will ask you to stop if you fly in cities or highly populated areas. In worst case the police will ask you to follow them to the police office to lecture you about the fact that you are doing something illegal. The sensitivity about privacy issues is quite low among the population, the police might use this argument to ask you to stop flying. I never tried to fly in a park but the reaction of the officials should be variable, some will find no problem for letting you fly and others might ask you to stop. In the countryside you won't find any problem flying anywhere. The government won't sue you if you post reasonably safe aerial videos on Internet.