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UAV Laws

Since 01/01/2014 strict laws regarding the flying of multicopters have gone into effect in Austria. The law distinguishes areas in 4 different zones. Open nature spaces, spaces with few buildings such as farm buildings, areas with a few buildings like houses, and areas with a many buildings such as cities. Each area has different legal requirements. This includes takeoff weight, legal approval, and for the last two zones a license to fly plus an official license for the multicopter itself. The multicopter needs to have redundant electronics. This means automatic fail over to a second flight control, etc. To get this license you will need Austrian flight law training plus a certification of your model and every part that is being used. Cost to get certified (including legal training) is about €1000. (Via Riot Media)

Legal Source

Permit to Fly is granted by NAA, based on specific national rules, possibly on a case-to-case basis & for a limited duration.

Legal Source

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